Friday, June 24

Sparkles + Shine

Something you all should know: I used to primarily wear black, sometimes gray, rarely white.  It was an extended phase and it's almost over, but black will always be my first love.  Most recently, I have begun to flirt with sparkles.  Call it a rebound if you must, but man, is it fun!

Do you see my excitement?
Top bun love.
I won't even pretend to know what I was doing.
Sneaky Pete, I am.
The post is over? Boo.

Wearing: Elizabeth & James scuba pants, Silence + Noise sequin top, Black mesh shawl, Jessica Simpson patent flats


  1. I love the sequin top, although the camera doesn't capture the shimmer :( it almost looks like a missoni print.

    ❤ junee

  2. love these pictures--you are hilarious!! and you rock a top bun like nooooo other! when i attempt the too bun i look like I'm going to wash my face.....jealous it looks so amazing on you! and thank you so much for comment--I'm with you on the fluorescent shorts-----hellllls to the yes!

    ashley <3


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