Tuesday, January 3

Nature vs. Nurture: Facial Mask

I'm continuing my series of Nature vs. Nurture with a facial mask experiment.  I'm a huge believer in taking care of your skin, but often lack the funds to treat myself to fancy spa days.  I've always tried at home masks to revive my skin without spending the big bucks for the results.  Today I'm going to compare an at-home kit with a homemade face mask recipe.

Nature: Half an avocado, 1 Tbsn warm water, 2 Tbsn honey. Prep skin with normal cleanser.  Mix and massage on face.  Leave set for 10 minutes and finish with normal toner and moisturizer.

Results: My skin felt immediately tighter, refreshed, and clean.  I was definitely not expecting this.  It was very messy, as I've found homemade recipes to be, but it offered a nice, refreshing scent.  If you have any pets, they may want to lick your face!

Nurture: Nu-pore Aloe & Cucumber Facial Mask.  Remove from package and place on face for 15 minutes.  Remove mask and massage collagen into skin.

Results: Afterwards, my face felt very moisturized.  However, the mask itself was awkward and ill-fitting, especially for 15 minutes.  (And steer clear of anyone seeing you.  It's particularly embarrassing looking.)  Prepare to cease talking or moving during this time.  The next day, I had a few blemishes on my forehead.  I did not like that at all.

Verdict:  I'm going to go with Nature on this one!  Although it was messy, my skin felt amazing and I didn't experience any negative side effects.  My skin is extremely sensitive, so I loved that fact that it wasn't irritating at all.  It's also easy to create in the kitchen and is extremely low-budget.


  1. Super sweet Lin Lin! Love it. I'm going to do a little nature dance now in celebration. Keep up the good investigative style beauty hunts. I love 'em.

  2. Great post - i am so allergic it is great to be able to try something for once - will look forward to more x


  3. My skin can be very sensitive, so I try to go natural when I can since there tends to be fewer side effects. Glad to hear nature pulled out the win on this one :)


  4. This is great. I have about a million avos in my house right now so must try. I have to say I lol at those photos, too cute!

  5. I think your skin looks beautiful! Once I use up my Clarins mask I am going to look into these DIYs!

  6. Lindsay, that nu-pore mask looked scary all by itself. hahaha I love the way you're holding it! hahaha LOVING the avocado one and this series you are doing!!! I'm learning a lot. Hey, thanks again girl. You made my week! :) ((HUG))


  7. Awsome!
    Maybe we can follow each other?

  8. Oh this is SO up my alley right now!!! I've been trying to go more natural, eco-friendly, organic, etc. and have been wondering how the facial masks work. I have oily skin though, do you think this one will work for my skin type?

    Love it!!! :)


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