Friday, January 6

Making Moves

This past week on the #blogtrends weekly chat, we discussed setting and reaching goals for 2012.  You can find the transcript here if you missed the chat!  I have been contemplating over my own personal goals for this year, so you can imagine my confusion about my blog's goals.  After much introspection, it wasn't that I lacking drive, but it was that I was afraid to admit that I needed to make changes.  Right now, everything is nice and comfy.  It's like getting up when it's still dark and cold outside to go to the gym.  Can't I just sleep a little longer (metaphorically of course)?

While I love things as they are, I know that they can get better. I think I also need a little push and motivation to get myself going for the year.  Let's take a look at the future of Black + Blonde One!  I'm excited already! 

1. Hop on over to Wordpress. While Blogger is just grand, I would like my blog to have a more uniform look and to be more technologically driven.  I also think having Wordpress knowledge can be a marketed skill set for job opportunities in the future.

2.Get dirty! You've all seen me with all sorts of concoctions on my face, so I don't think I could get any dirtier that way.  By this, I mean to learn html and css.  Again, this is sort of a personal goal for career growth, but I would also like to be able to make blog tweaks at my convenience without a complete breakdown.

3. Give you what you want! While this blog is an outlet for me, I would also like it to be an outlet for you!  What did you like this year?  I covered controversial issues like bloggers and body issues.  I taught you new fashion terms with Fashion 101.  I did a few outfit posts.  And lately, I've been exploring more beauty DIY regimes.  And with that, I'll leave you with a little song for the day. Tell me what you want, what you really, really want!

PS-Ginger was always my favorite!


  1. My favorite topics on your blog have been been the controversial posts. I love it when someone has the guts to stand up and say what they think despite the fall out. My second favorite has been the beauty blog nature vs nurture. With these tough economic times, these posts are great time savers for those of us who are on the hunt for this or that product, looking for the best and most economical solution. Plus, I'm always interested to see which way the coin will land on these things and I'm curious as to how far you will go with them. Bottom line, you're a thinker, a risk taker, and not afraid to get dirty. Those have been great ways to show all of that.

    Before moving your blog, decide on exactly what it is you're looking to do on wordpress and see if you can't do it on blogger first. Find out if your other goal to learn html and css will help you achieve what you need on blogger. I thought the same thing at first but have so far been really satisfied with what I've been able to achieve with css on blogger. Perhaps I will change my mind down the road but so far, I haven't been able to think of anything that I want to do that I can't where I'm at. Peace to the middle east! (Dont' ask me. I think all the health food is going to my brain)

  2. I'm really enjoying the Who's Who in Fashion posts right now, and I hope you'll continue those in some capacity. And I agree with Rachel - I like that you don't shy away from topics that can be a bit controversial. You have such an intelligent, unique voice, and I like when you let that shine through!


  3. i love the nature v product series too and also the whose who - i think it is that you are so nice and smiley and honest that comes across which is just lovely to be honest x

  4. What I love about your blog is that you DO cover a wide range of topics. I love reading more than just outfit posts on blogs. I like reading full on lifestyle blogs that cover all aspects of our lives. I hope that 2012 is amazing to you and I love that you posted the Spice Girls!!!

  5. I'll tell you what I want! What I really really want! LOL I loved that song! I'm scary spice! hahaha These goals are great Lindsay! You should definitely go for them all! You can do it! Now, I sound like a cheerleader. HAHAHA I love your layout! It's simple, clean, but has PUNCH! I was going for that style when I made my changes, but wanted to add that sparkle of ME in it too. So there's a lot of cutie things on mine. I tried not to, but couldn't resist! LOL I'm a new reader, but I love it when you do beauty or test out products. I also love when you share your life stories. We all learn from what others go through or experience. Hope this makes sense. LOL Have an awesome weekend my friend! :D

  6. I love how you cover everything on your blog from food, fashion, hair, and beauty! Yay, your going to be moving over to wordpress! It's so easy to use, I love it.


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