Wednesday, January 11

A Letter of Inconvenient Truth

I've been meaning to post about this for a while.  I've had a lifetime dilemma that I've alluded to quite frequently.  Fashion vs. Function.  It is my utter demise.

I am a daydreamer, an idealist, if you will.  I love fashion because it's an escape.  It's a fairy-tale world where six-inch heels are the norm and where wearing a lobster on your head is totally acceptable.  I like the glitz, the glam, and even the wacky.  Why can't I wear a beaded evening gown to the grocery?

Elie Saab FW 2011
And then comes in the dreadful function.  It gets cold sometimes.  Other times it's windy or rainy.  Forbid that it snows!  The weather is only one occassion when you are ordered to wear functional items.  I absolutely abhor these times.  I won't even discuss dressing appropriately for certain occassions.  I simply cannot be bothered with it.

I've been a pawn in the lifetime battle with fashion vs. function.  While I would love to wear my furry heels on the daily, I also realize that I have a professional job that would most likely frown upon my wardrobe choices.  So what does this mean?  It means I embrace fashion whenever I can.  I hope to own and wear statement piece upon statement piece.  I try to limit my intake of these functional pieces that I unfortunately have to oblige at times.  If I can, I try to mix the two, but most of the times it's like oil and water.  Until then, I will hope that the two can make peace and make my life much more pleasant.

Where do you stand on fashion vs. function?


  1. That's a very interesting question that you are asking. I hate winter because I have to wear a lot more functional pieces than I do in the summer. And you are right, function and beauty are like oil and water...whyyyyyyyyy??!! :)
    - Marie

  2. I am so with you on this Lindsay! My job is so straight laced that even glittery nails won't do. HaHa And I love them! I always have to separate them. It truly depends on what you're involved in. So I constantly have to think about that. Great topic for discussion.

  3. This is the perpetual dilemma for us fashion lovers, huh? I try to strike a balance between the two, but unfortunately function seems to win out - especially in the winter. One of my goals is to be more true to what I want to wear, no matter the occasion.


  4. I have to say that this is why I tend to be less fashionable in the wintertime... it's too hard to look pretty when you're freezing to death!

  5. My trick is to avoid purchasing anything that can't be machine-washed. It's a really explicit line to keep the fancier stuff out. But then, my job doesn't require that I wear anything above pajama pants on a regular basis ;)

  6. Ok, so this is a continual pain in the bum isn't it? If you love fashion it is anyways. When I moved to the Seattle area from living in Florida and the southern part of Texas for a really long time - I entered a whole new world of clothes. Functional is definitely it's own quirky thing and not particularly stylish. The people in Seattle really do work at finding ways to mix the two and sometimes it's a win but a lot of the time it can fall flat on it's face. I struggle and struggle and struggle with it now that I live in England because the climate is much the same as in Seattle. But weirdly, someone just pointed out someone in catalogue and said to me, "This is you to me. Prepared, ready for anything, able to do everything." It was a woman wearing "functional" gear for cold wet weather. And I couldn't help but think at the time "Hell yeah. That's because I want to be able to tackle life not have life tackle me." I will worship the designer who can make that look fashionable.

  7. The lifelong battle - like you i am all in the form and not the function but i also get tired of not being able to walk properly or being frozen and as i get older i am learning to marry the two more - huge fan of (stylish) layering and am leaning toward the comfy shoe - oooh i dont want to turn into someones aging mum!! xx


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