Friday, January 13

4 Eyes, 5 Ways

I'm sure you've all heard about Warby Parker by now right?  If you haven't, be happy that you're learning about them now!  They offer eyeglass and sunglass frames for a mere $95.  Hallelujah!  You know what's also cool?  For every pair that's purchased, a pair is donated to someone is need.  Isn't that charming?!  Lastly, they have an at-home try-on program.  You can select 5 glasses to try on at home for free.  Yes, entirely free.  You're not even charged for shipping, to or from.  Are they your new favorite company?  They are mine!

So help a sister out and tell me which ones I should choose!

Langston - Black Crystal
Wiloughby - Tennessee Whiskey
Japhy - Crystal Matte
Miles - Sandalwood Matte
Finn - Revolver Black

What glasses should I choose?
  • Langston
  • Wiloughby
  • Japhy
  • Miles
  • Finn


  1. Bummed I just heard about this company today since I JUST bought new glasses yesterday. Love you in the first pair :)

  2. Hey Lindsay!!! This is so neat and what a cool way to give back (charming indeed)! I chose the Langston - Black Crystal for you. That's an exceptional price for glasses. I didn't know about Warby Parker. Now I do! Thanks for spreading their message. Happy Weekend! :D

  3. I like the Langston myself. I just got new glasses too! It's so daunting (but fun) picking out a new pair.

  4. I voted for the Langston- very chic and sophisticated on you :)

  5. The Langston are the best pick for you. It would be interesting to see that same frame on you in a tortoise shell or brown color because of your eyes. The width of them is the best for your face shape and the breadth of your face and the depth of them is best for the length of your face. Picking out new frames is always fun. I've gotten to a head space where I'm going to keep my frames for as long as I can. I'll only by new ones if they're an awesome price (like these you're doing). I was just looking at my lenses today and noticing some scratches. It could be time to replace. Mmmm you evil thing. Now you have me contemplating things my wallet probably shouldn't be contemplating.


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