Thursday, December 1

Who's who in fashion? Catherine Baba

I always wanted to make Black + Blonde One a place that represents who I am and what I'm passionate about.  Other than fashion and beauty, the other thing I love is learning.  I wanted to create another series similar to Fashion 101, and luckily "Who's who in fashion?" came to me.  This series is all about who those mysterious people are in the street style shots and what they actually do. 

Let's start with Catherine Baba.  I've sure you've seen the stylish mystery woman riding her bike in skirts, heels, and turbans during every fashion week.  Generally referred to as the most stylish woman in Paris, an Australian native, is well known for her styling capabilities at Vogue, Vanity Fair, Chanel, and Givenchy.  You can also find her galavanting around in her large collection of vintage furs.  And if you look closely, it looks like she only wears one style of heel, but in multiple color ways!

Meet Catherine Baba:

Thoughtful Content
Joey Zine
Fashion Injection
Luxury Shares


  1. Oh i love the Baba - fab pics - shoes all look like YSL to me - actually surprisingly comfy so there may be method in the madness xx

  2. she's such a glamorous looking woman. good series idea.

  3. adorable style. loved the photos on the bike.
    have a Cupcake sweet weekend!

  4. This feature is a FAB idea. Can't wait to keep reading it :)

  5. she seems like a very chic and fascinating woman.
    -styleODYSSEY blog :)

  6. always admired her cycling skills!


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