Tuesday, November 1

That's my jam!

I've never been one for jam, jelly, preserves, etc. (I don't even know the difference in the titles.)  That is, until I found this delicious treat.  It's The Great San Saba River Pecan Company Peach, Pecan, & Amaretto Preserves.  I first tried it in Texas when visiting my grandparents and I fell in love.  It's great to slather on toast, ice cream, biscuits, or even as a filling in croissants.  My grandma just sent it over as my Halloween treat this week and we've definitely been putting it to good use!


  1. It's so wrong, it's right. And here I've been, needless fretting over how to keep my love handles in place. This will fix me right up!

  2. hi there thanks for entering but couldn't see your name on facebook/bloglovin/GFC! many thanks

  3. Um, that looks delicious!



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