Thursday, November 10

Can Money Buy Style?

Can money buy style?  My answer is no.  Can it buy you killer shoes and haute couture? Yes, but that's doesn't mean you have style. It means you have lots of money. For this question, I refer to the old saying that money can't buy you happiness.  It can buy you yachts, vacation homes, and a personal chef.  It can even buy you a stylist with great taste, but that doesn't mean you will acquire that style.

I often mull over this money and style dilemma quite often during my free time.  When I was younger, I always thought I needed money to be stylish.  When I worked at Saks, I only bought the designer logo items, such as Gucci and Burberry.  I thought that those luxury items made me fashionable.  For one, they didn't.  I was a poor college student and it just made me look like a poseur.  Secondly, why was I chasing the fantasy land and buying things only on the basis of status?

What made me solidly believe that money can't buy fashion is through my own developed sense of style. I have realized that no matter how much (or little) money I have, I still lust after classic pieces, usually black, that offer versatility. Statement jewelry pieces, draped dresses, and pointy-toe pumps will always be on my go to list. Even if I won the lottery (please, please, please), I would still want to buy the same silhouettes and pieces with the forementioned qualities. Here's an example:

Graham & Spencer, $150
Above is the option for my current budget. It's black, draped, layerable, and versatile. Let's now take a look below. This is what I would buy if I was rich (here's hoping!). It's the same general style. Obviously the big difference is the price tag, along with the materials, quality, and craftsmanship.

Rick Owens, $1900
Personal style is just that: personal.  Take for instance, Rachel Zoe.  She is known for her bohemian style.  She wears caftan dresses, platforms, gigantic sunglasses, and usually a fur vest.  That's her style.  Let's take a look at a real life before and after example:

Snooki Before and After
So Snooki pops up on the radar in her typical Jersey/Staten Island fashion a few years ago.  She then proceeds to make a ton of money from endorsement deals, Jersey Shore, and even a book deal.  Has Snooki's style changed that much?  No.  She still wears outrageously tacky prints, has an overly bronzed look, and wears as many rhinestone accessories as before.  Case closed.

What are your feelings? Do you think money can buy style?


  1. No, I don't think money can buy style. I think it might make it more accessible or more possible for the person to be exposed to a higher level of style which they can then absorb and learn from . But it isn't a definite in-road to style its self.

  2. I love this, it's so true money can't buy style is something you find on your own. I always find that frustrating when people are sporting tons of designer labels and think they are "high fashion" but really they just bought the outfit from a mannequin or a store associate told them it looked good.

  3. Money absolutely cannot buy style! You don't need to look too hard to find billions of examples of people with money dressing horribly. Money can, of course, buy you a stylist, though.

  4. I'm with you. Style is a sensibility, not a commodity. Money might make it easier to afford the things that fit your style, but it's not necessarily going to change what you like to wear.

    I really liked your point that you'd still buy the same type of pieces(but maybe higher quality)if you won the lottery. That shows that you've got a well-developed sense of personal style. I'm not quite there yet, because I still get tempted by things that are pretty even if they're not "me". But I'm working on it!

  5. I love that Graham and Spencer option! I think people with money don't necessarily have good taste {as we see all too often in the press}, but sometimes they have rather great taste. It just depends.

    xo Mary Jo

  6. Everything you say is spot on! True taste definitely can't be bought, and certainly not appreciated by those in pursuit of only status.

    x Marcella

  7. Soooooo agree! Money will buy you expensive things but not style.. I think it is all how you rock it and wear it.. You can shop at a thrift store and look better than someone wearing Chanel from head to toe.. Perfect example on Snooki! She is still trashy!

    All the best, ~Angel

  8. i completely agree with you. whatever your budget is, it's all about finding the best pieces with in your range and sticking to something that you love. haha and gotta give credit to snookie for at least doing that... but she's terrible!!!

    p.s. which joe malone are you using? i saw your picture from a couple posts down and i'm curious!


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