Saturday, October 22

A Little Bit of Forever

Last night was pretty epic.  It was one that we had been planning for a while.  Operation: Cuban and tattoos.  (Sorry we didn't get pictures of the food.  It was amazing, but we had to scarf it down to get to our appointment.  It's Bogota in Park Slope if you're a local.)

On me: Yes, I actually wear my mustard pants.  And all the time, at that.  I've found it's a fun game to wear them because I never know what I can blend in with.  On bf: BR jeans, tshirt, and sweater, Gap jacket, Brooklyn hat.  One day, he would like to grow up and be a Banana Republic spokesperson.

This is the shop.  It's beautiful, filled with art, warm, and holds a massive collection of taxidermy.  No big deal.  It's The End is Near in Park Slope and it's wonderful.  Of all of the employees we encountered, everyone was very friendly and a lot of fun.  Sometimes tattoo artists can be a bit intimidating, rude, downright mean, or snotty.  You won't encounter any of that here.  It's all about enjoying the experience.

Zoe was our artist. She was very professional and definitely brought the jokes.  It was a light and fun environment, just like it should be.  It was bf's first tattoo and he didn't squirm one bit!  Bf and I are very happy we took the leap and that we'll always have a token of our love right on our wrists.

Do you have any tattoos?  Do you plan on getting more?


  1. Do we get to see the finished product? I don't have any tattoos, and I change my mind too often to commit to something so permanent. But I've always admired them on other people.

    By the way, I love your mustard pants! It's such a great color.

  2. First: I am lusting after mustard pants right now. I love yours! And I love how they look with the navy sweater. You look great!

    Second: Hubby & I want to get a couple's tattoo, but we keep chickening out and waffling on ideas. What did you two get??


  3. I don't have any tattoo's but have played with the idea from time to time. Really, I think I'm just too fickle. I end up changing my mind on what and wear to get one. I have had moments in my life that I would like to carry with me so that I never forget and a tattoo seems like the perfect way to do that. Maybe someday, I'll take the plunge like you, manage to settle on one and just go for it. You two look cute as can be. xoxo

  4. That's so brave of you guys to get tattoos..I'm not a fan of them but I think it's really romantic that you both got one! xoxoxoxo

  5. Hmm I always love going into Park Slope... Ah tats?? I have two.. The last one I got was last year in the LES and feel I was overcharged.. I have one on my back but want to get rid of it haha.. Hmm looking at these pictures makes me want to get another one...



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