Tuesday, October 4

Hello, J. Crew

Even though J. Crew has become a major fashion player these days, I still have this urge to think of them as nautical and preppy.  Although some of their pieces have those undertones, each season they surprise me more and more (in a good way, of course!)

Adrianna Satin Pump
Yes please! These are so glam, I can't even count the ways!  I love the multiple buckles; very dominatrix.  The color is completely stunning and in satin? Swoon!

Rainy day bow flats
I hate rain boots.  They are bulky, make weird noises, and usually end up splitting at unconvenient times (ie-when it's raining).  Look at this chic little option!  It's compact (easily stored in your purse until it actually rains), fashionable, and functional.  I want one in every color.

Silvia Snakeskin Pumps
I love this version of snakeskin.  It seems more authentic and genuine rather than the typical snakeskin print we see.  It's the perfect shape and could almost function as a neutral heel.  Lusting.

What do you think of J. Crew?


  1. I love those buckled pumps! Such a gorgeous color


  2. Desperately want the cobalt rain flats - so cute!!

  3. Wow these shoes are so stylish and unexpected from J.Crew! Very nice!

  4. I am swooning over the satin pumps!


  5. I, too, am very impressed with the direction they're taking. I often wonder if Blair from Atlantic-Pacific works for them. She states in interviews that she works as a merchandiser in the fashion industry. She wears a lot of Crew.


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