Tuesday, October 18

Happy Birthday, Boticca!

If you follow me on Twitter, you know of my love for Boticca, the ultimate home for jewelry and accessories!  In lieu of their 1st birthday, I wanted to celebrate by showcasing some of my favorite handmade pieces, and hopefully it will serve as some major inspiration for DIY projects!

Ifat Creations: Peacock feather necklace
I love this!  It's actually a macrame process with a handblown glass bead.  The idea of a true artisan piece is too rare these days!  

Taiana: Theo Scarf
When I saw Boticca tweet about this scarf, I was so excited.  It's such a fun, ecclectic boho accessory.  I've always secretly wanted dreads, so this would give me the look without the commitment.  And the awesome thing (beside the horsehair) is that it's handmade in the USA!

Margot: Jella necklace
Knitting has always been on my bucket list, but other things usually trump it.  After seeing this, I definitely need to speed that process up!  This is such a gorgeous piece and I could only imagine how versatile it is!

Jolita Jewelry: Portofino necklace
Jolita Jewelry: Antibes bracelet
Jolita Jewelry is a jewelry goldmine, literally.  It's a line that I literally love every single piece, which is rare, especially for me.  It's a little bit ethnic, a lot glam, and a huge amount of wow factor.  Best yet?  The jeweler is self-taught.  How about that for inspiration!

I was also lucky enough to ask Poppy Skinner, the fashion editor for Boticca, a few questions about the brand and her personal style.  See the interview below:

What is the mission/vision for Boticca? 
Boticca's mission is to become the global destination for fashion accessories on the web by providing customers with a unique and exquisite selection of jewelry, bags and accessories. At the same time, we want to change how fashion accessories designers get access to distribution and brand awareness by creating a platform where they can sell to the whole world whilst keeping the lion’s share of the economics.

What direction do you see the jewelry and accessories industry moving?

The last decade was the decade of fast fashion, everybody purchasing the same accessories from retailers such as Top Shop, H&M and Zara. This decade will be the decade of personalization. Consumers are savvier than they ever have been and they are looking for unique products with a meaning - especially when it comes to jewelry and accessories, which are probably the most personal component of the dressing process.

What are some of your favorite designers?

My style is fairly eclectic; some days I want to dress like Audrey Hepburn and others like Nicole Richie. However, Jessica de Lotz’s vintage inspired initial jewelry gets me every time as does Alex Suh’s use of vivid color in her stunning silk scarves. Last but certainly not least I just love Michelle Oh – her raw and quirkily unique pieces get me every time.

If you only could afford one statement piece, what would you chose?

Decisions, decisions! With so many striking pieces it’s so hard to choose! However, I would say it has to be the Sabine earrings by Ista design by Mevesh. Made from malachite and 14k yellow gold adorned with diamonds, I know if I had these stunning drop earrings, my hunt for the perfect ear candy would be well and truly over.

Click to see more of Boticca’s bracelets for women and more of their unique earrings and scarves for women here. 


  1. I am in awe!!! Are you kidding me? That first necklace is beyond words. All of the pieces are so outrageously gorgeous. I agree with her as well. I do believe this will be the decade of individualism, uniqueness, and more than just fashion - style!

  2. P.S. Congrats on a fabulous interview! xoxo

  3. What a fun interview! I am loving these pieces - especially that first one!


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