Saturday, October 29

DIY Dog Costume

There are lots of pre-made costumes out there for pups.  I could have easily put Coco in a lamb or lobster costume and called it a day.  However, I wanted to have some fun (read: I had no internet and needed something to do).  I was thinking about something that didn't require a real costume and that I could make with the resources I had at home.  Then it came to me: Pound Puppies!  Do you remember those? I used to have a few and loved them!

Here's what you need:

One large box (comparable to dog size)
Dog accessories

First, tape the top to the bottom, if you're using a shoe box.  If you're using a large box, make sure the top flaps are closed.  Cut wide opening in top/front of the box to mimic an actual toy box.  I added hearts to mine with the leftover cardboard, but this is optional.  I then made the Pound Puppies sign and taped the accessories on the top back.  Put your pup in the box and you're done!  Please note: this costume is best for older or well-trained dogs.  A tiny, naughty puppy is only ideal for a few photo ops.

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  1. ohmygoodness! so creative & cute!


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