Wednesday, September 7

Misela Preview

On Tuesday night, I went to see the Misela Spring/Summer 2012 handbag preview.  Beforehand I had done some research and was extremely excited about seeing the exotic bags!  See for yourself!

What did I tell you? GORGEOUS.

I would like one of each please (especially the pink snake!).

Detail shot. I loved all of the textures. Each bag was inspired by the designer's life in Istanbul.  You can definitely see the architectural similarities in the pattern above.

I think I'm seriously falling in love with chevrons.  Will it be the new polka dot for next season? I'm calling it now!

Me with Sonia from In Pursuit of Style and Katy from Sugar Laws.


  1. wow they r fab x

  2. Very nice, love them!

  3. AH Lindsay! I'm so jealous you get to go to all these cool previews, events and sales! Makes me miss NYC even more! =D It's ok, I'll just vicariously live my life through yours, no biggie =P I absolutely love exotic skins, but they are just so dang expensive!

  4. so cool! i too am LOVING chevrons right now... they're the new stripes! ;)


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