Thursday, September 15

Dose of my own Medicine

Yesterday I was talking about branching out and trying new styles.  I have been sticking too close to the neutrals and I need to have a little fun.  So, I took my advice and went shopping!  It was like I had rainbow blinders for the first time in my life.  It was like a technicolor dream world!

Mustard Ankle Grazers
First off, YELLOW!  Secondly, they are ankle grazers!  You would totally not think that this would work on a petite-ish 5'4" girl with curves, but they do! They are heavenly. I've worn them a few times now with *be ready to be shocked* other colors!  They go perfectly with navy, cream, and red.

Hot Pink Pumps
You can't get more colorful than this!  They actually go really well with the above pants, which I rocked for the Nolcha Fashion Week shows (highlights coming soon!).  They are comfy, but definitely make a statement.  The local UPS driver even stopped me and said, "Hey, nice shoes, blondie."  And it wasn't even in a creepy way!  

So even with baby steps, I've realized that I freaking love color.  Why did I painfully shun it for all this time?  Now I've got the color bug.  See below for my new lust list.

Senso Neon Wedges
YSL wide-leg pants

Have you had any wardrobe lightbulbs lately?


  1. So many - love the mustard and pink - one could say i am chuffed to see the return of colour (it means very very pleased!) xo

  2. Love the mustard - I can imagine that it is very flattering! :)

  3. I recently bought very similar pants. Love them! Can't wait to style them!

  4. Thanks for your kind comment, sweetie!

    I am loving the yellow pants, and can't wait for you to do an outfit post featuring it. :)

    The Cat Hag

  5. Love all the colors going on here! I was actually stalking the Senso neon wedges, I wish I had the money to get some! Cute cute cute, perfect for fall! xxAnisa

  6. I love all of these! Especially those pants in the first pic.

    Ask the Duplex


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