Saturday, August 13

Saturdays with Sarah

Since I began blogging, I've wanted to feature one of my best friends, Sarah.  She is a doll.  A little history: we met at our previous job.  She thought I was scary because I wore black all the time and a harness and fingerless gloves during her initial interview.  I thought she was really smart, but very mysterious.  In the end, we found out that we both had an enormous passion for design and a strong penchant for intelligent conversation.  Meet my bestie, Sarah:

Adorbs in her TBA outfit.
ASOS purse.
Loeffler Randall oxfords.
She is addicted to bows.
Vintage spoon brooch.
Yes, this girl has style.  Her unconventional looks both surprise and intrigue me.  She doesn't follow trends.  "It" items offend her.  She keeps it fresh, interesting, and her own at all times.  I really respect her for that.  A few of her favorite things? PRINTS, bows, oxfords, girly dresses, and unique accessories.  I wish I could lead you to her blog, but right now she's too busy to upkeep one.  For now, you can visit her Tumblr page.


  1. She looks really cool! It's really awesome when you meet a friend who shares your passion! xoxoxoo

  2. aw she's adorable! loooove the print and bow =)

  3. all those little details in her outfit are really cool :) xx opinionslave
    / twitter: @opinionslave

  4. I love her dress!!!!! I have been eying that dress online forever but it's too exy for me!

    She is a doll definitely, love her style. :)

    The Cat Hag

  5. ohh the little oxford shoes are awesome!

  6. it's great when you meet someone with whom you have the same interests. she's cute!

  7. She looks very beautiful :)

    nice blog,
    Kisses from Poland!

  8. The oxfords are really cool!


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