Monday, August 15

Ruby Snap

Yes, Ruby Snap. I do want your cookies!  You know why? Because they are scrumpdidliumptious.  My favorites?

Chocolate cinnamon dough with a molten milk chocolate mint center. Helloooo Margo!
This was a major surprise!  I've never, ever been a fan of chocolate cookies.  Wowsers, this blew me out of the water.

Penelope Peanut Butter Paradise!
Peanut butter is a major weakness for me.  I couldn't resist the Penelope for that! It also came dipped halfway in chocolate. Even better!

Mangos & dark chocolate in a citrus dough.
Vivianna is their most popular for a reason.  It's flavors are rich and compliment each other well, throwing in a bit of surprise for your first taste. Aye mami!

Straight from Ruby: We are all natural, no shortenings, no preservatives, no yucky stuff, ever!  We make all our dough fresh daily and ship throughout the continental US and Canada.  We pride ourselves on the wow factor, we want our flavor combinations to make your mouth happy.  I was an architectural designer for 15 years and loved it until the day I didn’t love it anymore.  I chose to take a chance and make the leap into baking.  I didn’t care if I failed, failure was better than not trying and living later with regrets.  Well it worked beautifully and the passion grows with each passing day.  We are blessed and happy as all get out!  I cashed out a $10K IRA and worked my elbow grease into an old building and brought it back to life.  To this day we have no loans or debt, we grow the old fashioned way, when money is available.  

Ruby Snap was gracious enough to send me some cookies and now they're going to send a dozen to you!

To Enter:
1. Follow Ruby Snap on Twitter.
2. Like Ruby Snap on Facebook.

For Extra Entries:
1. Follow Black + Blonde One on Bloglovin'.
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3. Like Black + Blonde One on Facebook.

Please announce your entries in one comment along with your twitter username and email address.  The contest will end on Sunday, August 21 at midnight.  The winner will be announced on Monday, August 22.  Good luck loves!

Be sure to use coupon code OSnapRuby! for 10% off your next purchase at Ruby Snap!


  1. Love these!

    xoxo Thom @

  2. I entered all and liked all and followed all!

    twitter: LizAtTheMorsel

  3. I can't enter as I'm in Australia BUT I still had to comment and say these looked sooo delicious - and even more so as I read this with my morning coffee. Yum-o

    Anna xo

  4. OMG I'M SALIVATING... I just entered =D

    YUM *crosses fingers*

  5. these cookies look delicious!

  6. gahh! delish!! i want one (or two!) of each now!!!! hehe xx

  7. uhm... i can haz sum choklat cookeez pliz?!?!?

    did all the steps... ;)

  8. Awww cookies - do they ship to Australia?

    Lots of love from Sydney,

    x Kel

    being a backstage diva

  9. This post is killing me, and making me very hungry!!!!!

    Hehe, I feel so piggish typing this comment. :|

    The Cat Hag

  10. oh hell yes i liked ruby snap on facebook. i don't do the tweets, but i bet 140 characters or less about cookies would make anyone's day better.


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