Tuesday, July 5

This Lady Behaves

I love to find new blogs.  Early on in my blogging, I found This Lady Behaves and let me tell you, this girl can draw!  She's amazing! Please check her out when you get a chance.  Below is what she created for me, and in such a short time frame!

The original. Makeup for NYE 2011.
The artistic rendition.

Learn a little more about her below:

What is your inspiration to draw?

My inspiration would be what is in my head at that time.. it is constantly changing. 
When did you begin drawing?
I began when I was ten, back in Greece. I had a Greek art teacher first, then British. They were both wonderful and in their class did I learn the things that I still apply in my everyday life, not just in drawing and painting but in general life!! :)
Tell us something interesting about yourself!

Well, I am married with two kids! :) I am a wife, a mother and an artist. I blog when I am not preparing for an exhibition. Right now my work hang in Galerie Hans Brumann here in our country. Hhmmmm... interesting... oh wait: Something really interesting. I painted my whole first series, consisting of 15 big paintings with just one paintbrush! I still have this paintbrush, it's so tattered and tired. :)
Again I can't thank This Lady Behaves enough for her generosity and general awesomeness!

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  1. thanks so much hon! thank you thank you! love you to bits!



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