Wednesday, July 20

Sheng Ri Kuai La!

How do I even begin this? I've literally had the best year of my life. I wouldn't have changed a thing! I can't wait to see what happens this next year: marriage, graduation, and the unexpected (my favorite!).

As a tradition, I've been getting myself a birthday present since I could afford it.  Usually it's something small, like a spa service or a new dress.  This year, I figured, hey! I'm going to be 25! That's big news!  So please get ready for this sweet treat. Drum roll please!

The packaging is almost as important as the gift.
Ta Da! It's the David Yurman large oval link chain bracelet!
I am the pretty, pretty princess!
For my birthday, I'll be going to Six Flags (my first time!), followed by a bed & breakfast (also a first!) for a few days.  I'll return to you in full force this weekend!



  1. Oh I love that bracelet and I think it's really nice that you get yourself a present for your birthday! Looks like the coming year will be exciting!

  2. happy birthday!! that's a nice tradition of giving yourself presents.

    have fun!!

  3. It is a top bracelet - congratulations sounds like you are having a great time - you deserve it! x

  4. Happy birthday! You bought the perfect gift! It is beautiful!

  5. Happy birthday and enjoy! The bracelet is beautifull btw!!:)

    Farah from FashionFabrice

  6. happy birthday!
    pretty bracelet!
    xo chauss

  7. Happy Birthday! Hope you have a lovely day,the bracelet is gorgeous x

  8. gorgeous!
    this is great!
    i hope you'll come by and see my posts about my journey through spain and my first look since returning to the states!


  9. Beautiful bracelet....Happy Birthday!!

  10. Aww Happy belated birthday!! So cute.

    Missing Amsie Blog

  11. Your nails are so pretty! =)

  12. What a great gift, Happy Birthday to you for sure! Have fun at Six Flags, I haven't been since I was a kid but it was always a blast.

  13. hello jealousy! incredible piece!

  14. I'm late with this but HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOVE! I can't believe how similar we are: 1. your birthday is super close to mine 2. it's your 25th birthday (mine too!) and 3. you wished yourself happy birthday in mandarin (I lived in China last year)! We're totally kindred spirits :-D

    I hope you had a fun day(s) and that David Yurman bracelet is GORGEOUS!


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