Friday, July 8

Lust List

I know it's not healthy to lust after things.  It is one of the 7 deadly sins after all.  I say, BOO. Considering I have been a saving fiend for the last few months, I'm about ready to explode and just start buying things!  Here are my latest obsessions.

ACNE Moorea Open Back Dress
It's on sale. In my size. It's called Moorea and my last name is Moore (for now).  I think it's a sign, right?

Karen Walker Number One Sunglasses
Coming from a sunglass background, I am quite the glasses snob.  I have never been a Karen Walker fan, for myself, until I saw these lovelies.  And at $180, that's not too bad for designer sunglasses.  Chanels will run you at least $400 these days!  Quite the bargain, I must say!

Rebecca Minkoff Dalmation Bag
It's a print, but it's simple and classic.  It's very lady-like and proper and it has a flap! I have never had a flap bag before! And my stuff will be safe from the NYC subway bag creepers!

What do you think? What are you lusting after right now?


  1. i have that bag but in the mini version... GET IT! they're gorgeous in person and super unique! :)

  2. you have good taste! i've always loved karen walker sunnies...they're a must have. xx opinionslave

  3. want those KW sunnies too!! x

  4. love all these items!!


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