Thursday, July 7


Today during my lunch break, I decided to venture around the Upper East Side, or Geriatric Central, as I fondly call it.  Of course I got drawn into my normal pit, SEPHORA.  While I just went in there to get my free birthday gift:

Yay birthday presents!
I ended up make two other purchases.  The first, not so suprising.

Fresh Sugar Honey Lip Treatment.

I live and die by Fresh lip treatments.  They are an quick fix an any scenario.  Dry lips in the winter? Licking your lips too much (for whatever reason)? Brush your lips instead of your teeth? This stuff is awesome!  It's pretty natural, has a little color, and makes your lips feel like velvet.

Second purchase was a total impulse and I'm admitting it now.  You know how when they say the lower the stock markets go, the brighter the lipstick gets?  I have no idea what the NYSE is doing right now, but my wallet is shivering in corner just thinking about that upcoming tuition payment.  I needed a quick boost.  So I present to you, Jealous.

Sephora Rouge Cream in Jealous
So sue me, it's a color swatch.  But if you're lucky If boyfriend/fiance is nice enough to take pictures tonight, you'll get to see it on me in a later outfit post!


  1. Ahhh, my weakness: Sephora. I have a Beauty Insider's bad bad news for me. Hopelessly addicted to any and all beauty products. Great picks:-) xoxo

  2. That lipstick color looks fabulous!

    And I am addicted to lip balms, I just used my Lip Smacker after reading your post. :)

    The Cat Hag

  3. haha yay for the birthday present :) i've been using it since june.. it smells very vanilla-y lol.

    that color is beautiful!!

  4. Would love to see that coral lipstick on you!


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