Tuesday, July 19


Ladies (and fellas, if you're out there!), I need your help.  We just scheduled our engagement photo session and photographer asked what we would be wearing. Umm....clothes? We're thinking one casual outfit (this I can handle) and one dressy outfit (where you come in). What is a girl supposed to do?  So far I've found these options that I'm relatively happy about potentially modeling.

#1 Contender
J. Crew Evie Dress
Positives: It's yellow! It's silk chiffon and will blow in the wind, which is perfect since we'll be by the Brooklyn Bridge Park.
Not so positives: What color and type of shoe do you wear with a yellow dress?

ASOS Dress with Drape
Pros: It's soft, delicate, and drapey.
Cons: I'm not won over by it.

Twenty8Twelve Dress
Ups: It's a gorgeous, gorgeous print. I've been looking at for almost FOREVER. It just looks so dreamy and fairy-like, almost as if I was a nymph in the forest. Le sigh...
Downs: It looks a kind of tent-like and shapeless.  Unfortunately, that silhouette works no wonders on my curvatures.

What should I do? Help me please!


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  2. All these dresses look stunning!
    Cool blog by the way.

  3. Lovely choices but I prefer the first one! xx

  4. Just found your blog, congrats on your engagement. I think the yellow is a definite yes! It's such a flattering color and it looks very classic. I love the white dress but I know what you mean and it may look a little boxy in photos....the last dress is cute and would definitely be fun and summery with some wedges. Good luck, you'll look great. :)

    Following you now

  5. i love the yellow dress, because i love the color! it's so beautiful, and having it blowing a little in the wind would be so pretty.

    how about navy peeptoe pumps with it? i love yellow and navy together.

    i liked Dale's comments about making it summery with a wedge as well. then a tan/light brown wedge would look gorgeous.

    what time of day are you going to take photos?

  6. I think the lemon esp since your reservation is the accessories and not that you are not that keen or it will not flatter which makes them a no-no - it is a stunning dress - i recently saw a dress similar to this on Olivia Palermo - if you google her and lemon dress - she did it well plus kate moss wore a gorgeous iconic dress just like this - again the blessed google. I would say metallics, soft fur like wrap - even leopard (shoes or bag) but you may want to go more classic - hope this helps x


  7. i agree with you--leopard would look lovely! :)

  8. I would choose the first one too, the color is yummy, the cut is simple also can let you add different taste of other stuff... necklace/belt/etc....


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