Saturday, July 23

Birthday Extravaganza!

And I'm home. Whew! On Wednesday we went to Six Flags Great Adventure, which was basically awesome. We then went to Mariaville Bed & Breakfast.  It was both our first time going to one, which made it even more special.  Breakfast was delish, the owners was so warm and charming, and the place was beautiful.  Some highlights were the Bear Pond Winery, going to Cooperstown Baseball Hall of Fame, seeing Yogi Berra and Pete Rose, and ending our trip with Woodbury Commons.  Being a good promise keeper, I didn't buy anything because of my shopping ban.  However, I did get some presents!

Super cute apron from my Grandma.
Oh yeah, and she threw in some homemade fudge. :)
Lovely lillies from a good friend.
Two Dermalogica starter sets from my Mom.
I'm so blessed to have such generous friends and family! The best part of my birthday though, by far, was my surprise. Yes, a SURPRISE!!  On the drive home, boyfriend told me that he couldn't hold it in any longer and had to tell me something. "EEK!" I thought. We were going to karaoke!

So we get to St. Marks, the epitome of all fun, and have some sushi.  Right after we order, WA-BAM! One of my best friends and her fiance walks through the door! We go to karaoke and BAM! Another good friend is there.  This trend continued, so I won't keep screaming things at you.  Basically he had set it up to have of my friends surprise me and come entertain me with lots of horrible 90s songs.  Highlights were Spice Girls, Little Mermaid, Dixie Chicks and Garth Brooks (with a real southern twang), and Nicki Minaj (I definitely killed it).  Pictures and videos will come soon....maybe. I have yet to see them, so they might be a little too embarrassing to showcase. I couldn't have asked for a better birthday birthweek.


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