Thursday, June 30

Summer Face

During college, I had a very loud RA (resident assistant?).  She would always walk by my room and say "that's my jam!" no matter what song was playing on iTunes.  Some of her best moments were calling my pre-Snooki poof a "biscuit" and saying I was "gonna get unraveled" if I went to a party.  She was great.  However, her best line by far was "Give me a face!"  After a few strange glances at each other, my roommate and I figured out that she wanted us to do her makeup.  So today I'm going to give all of you a face!

First step, prime!

DHC Velvet Skin Coat
This stuff is amazing! It's similar to Smashbox PhotoFinish, but it feels even softer, which is strangely possible.  I love this company.  My mom introduced me to it.  It's a Japanese online and catalog company and they always send you a million samples with your orders.

Next, Even Out (These are technique terms, folks!):
Makeup Forever Duo Mat Powder
This gives you an airbrushed look with a complete even surface.  It's great if your skin is sensitive or you have any redness.  This is honestly a savior.  It's perfect for every day (and simple to apply), but it's very buildable for evening if you really want to look like you have porcelain skin.


Nars Cream Blush in Cactus Flower
This is great for the summer.  It's very lightweight and just gives you a slight shimmer with a smidge of color.  Yes, smidge is a word.  You can also use your fingers, just like you were a kid again!

Lastly, Bat those eyes!

Maybelline BIG Mascara
Maybe she's born with it? Nope, sure is Maybelline. I use two coats and it's "Hello Twiggy!"  I used to buy only designer mascara, ie-Dior Blackout, Benefit Bad Gal, but I get better results and spend less than half what I used to. Hooray!

So now you have the signature Lindsay summertime face.  Are you loving it yet? Do you have a makeup routine or summer favorites?


  1. you mean make up or skincare? :) if make up than and if skincare- I will be doing a skincare routine soon. And I think I could do my foundation routine too :)

  2. nice post! I personally love my eyelash extensions (which I posted about) and love Nars makeup.

    I'm doing a post about my wedding pics tomorrow if your interested since I know you just got engaged :) great to hear from you and thanks for the comments!

  3. Nice post!

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  4. Great post! love all the items!
    congratulations on your engagement!

  5. thanks for the comment :), come back anytime to check out my posts


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