Monday, June 27

Addicted to Love

There are a few stories my family likes to tell about when I was younger.  I've always had strong opinions and strong actions to go along with that.  My mother has a video (that's right, a VCR tape!) of me using our hallway as a runway and proceeding to dance to a music video.  I had on a brunette wig (since I was blonde), my mother's black pantyhose, and a black leopard (for tap dance, no less!).  My video of choice? Robert Palmer, Addicted to Love.

Robert Palmer and his girls.
I have since been drawn to this look repeated through my life.  I think it was my first real taste of the LBD.  I love the idea of simple dress with a full blown made-up face.  Although the blush is a little much (it was the 80s after all!), I love the look as a whole.

Love those lips.
So where am I going with this? I am proposing a modern day version of this, a la Tom Ford beauty modeled by the luscious Lara Stone.

Lara at her best.
What do you think of this for an evening look?


  1. i love it!! and i love the song and video haha <3

  2. I like it, except for the cheeks... love the lips!
    My Fashion Bug


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