Tuesday, November 10

Just a number.

I love older generations. I feel that they bring such inspiration and wisdom, without being too cliche. The differences can be difficult, but enlightening none the less. Secretly I think my adoration comes from being an old soul myself. Lately I saw these pictures and just had to post:

Pierce Brosnan. My your heart flutter with the one time 007. I don't know what it is about the look, but I love it. The colors. The layering. The shades. Get it, Pierce!

Alt Text

Demi Moore. What is there to say? She's hot. Always and forever.

Demi Moore

Stephen Tyler. He's BA. And his children are BA. And is it wrong to want his hair?


Just remember. One day we will all be the old lady in bright red lipstick, one too many necklaces, a long fur coat enjoying our vicadin laced ice cream. Until then.

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